Activities for Dog Lovers

Traveling with your best friend is fun, until you reach the Glacier National Park gate and learn your furry friend can’t go everywhere in the park with you. Dogs in Glacier are only allowed on paved surfaces, and must always be on leash – but DON’T WORRY! There are plenty of breathtaking places where you can take Fido and still get to experience the beauty of Glacier Country.

A few of our favorite local dog friendly hikes include:

  • Stanton Lake – hike 1.5 miles in to a beautiful alpine lake, trail head on Highway 2 on the southern boundary of the Park
  • Glacier View – spectacular views into the Park, trail head on the North Fork Road near the Camas Road
  • Hungry Horse Reservoir – you will pass a great summer swimming hole at Lion Lake on your way south from Hungry Horse
  • Desert Mountain – one of the mountains you can see from the campground, access just south of Martin City
  • Whitefish Mountain – a whole ski and summer resort’s worth of trails to explore, north of Whitefish

Of course you may want to get on the trails in Glacier National Park while you are here. For your pet’s safety, we don’t recommend leaving your pet at the campground or in your car!